We invest early

We are product focused

We are hands on

We believe in the power of product to transform people's lives. We invest in technology companies that make those products. We believe products made with love and loved by many are the crucial ingredients for tech startups to break through, to scale, and to make a meaningful difference in the world.

Founders who build these products are few and far between and we are committed to finding and backing them. We're specific, single-minded, and selective.

Five years ago we created a distinct venture capital firm designed around Founders who have an instinct for product. That see the status quo and know it can be better. That are devoted to design, uncompromising about user experience, and unbending in putting product first.

We are Connect, where Product Founders fit.


  • Pietro Bezza Managing partner

    Pietro has extensive experience in Internet entrepreneurship and startup investing, and he knows what it takes to start, scale, and sell a tech company. Previously he was co-founder and CEO of Neo Network, a mobile media company acquired by De Agostini Group. Pietro's expertise is in marketing, growth, and content.

  • Bill Earner Managing partner

    Bill has spent twelve years working in venture capital and startups, having worked as an investment manager at Amadeus Capital and in a variety of operational roles at several California based startups. Bill has expertise in product management and marketing. Bill has a degree in Engineering from Harvey Mudd College and an MBA from London Business School.

  • Sitar Teli Managing partner

    Sitar has been a venture capitalist for eleven years, focusing on early-stage investments in both consumer and B2B companies. Previously with Doughty Hanson Technology Ventures, where she led their Series A round in SoundCloud, she has experience with content, gaming and ecommerce startups. Sitar has a dual degree in Mechanical Engineering and Economics from Duke University.



  • What sectors do you invest in?

    We invest in mobile, Internet, and digital media businesses, areas where we have previous, proven expertise. We understand the key issues that startups in these sectors face. By staying within our circle of competence we maximize the help we provide our portfolio companies and make the best possible investments for our investors.

  • What sorts of things do you look for when you choose which companies to back?

    We look for product focused teams who have found a painful problem and an elegant solution to that problem. We like teams who show real grit and are willing to fail in order to eventually succeed.

  • What geographies do you invest in?

    We're based in London and invest throughout Europe. We expect that some of our companies will move to the US as they grow and that's fine with us.

  • What stage businesses do you invest in?

    We are an early stage firm focused on seed investments. We like to be the first call that product led founders make for their seed funding. We always ensure we allocate enough capital to follow our investments through later stages of financing as companies grow.

  • I have a great product! How do I get in touch with you?

    Awesome! The best way to reach us is through our network. You can also directly reach out to one of us.

  • What value can you add to the companies you invest in?

    We think the most valuable commodity is founders' time. We want to help them go from 0-100 as quickly as possible. The way we see it, we're here to work for them. By being there from the start, we can add value across the whole business, for the whole journey. From people to pricing, from legals to leadership, from marketing to marketplace.

  • What size of investment do you typically make?

    Our investment size ranges from £300K-£1.0M. We are comfortable investing alone or in a syndicate as the situation requires. We are also careful to maintain enough cash in reserve to participate in follow-on funding rounds.

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We are located on Great Eastern Street, just east of the Old Street Roundabout in Shoreditch.

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